Inside Peek: Red Burlap Bows

November 05, 2015

Inside Peek: Red Burlap Bows

Started decorating for Christmas? Winter is around the corner and we are kicking things off with our red burlap bows! 

Here is a quick inside peek into the creation process of our red burlap bows.


Red burlap bows make for great winter decorations. Pictured you can see some the materials that we use. This pair would look great on double door wreaths or for adding to fireplace mantels. See our red burlap bows here. 


Like our red burlap bows, many of your bows will feature the option to select your choice of natural twine or green florist wire ties that will extend from the back of each bow for easy attachment purposes. 


Want to see more inside peeks of our bow making process? Stay tuned to our blog for more in the upcoming days!

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